Gil Bruvel

(b. 1959, French)

Gil Bruvel is one of the world’s most celebrated Magical Realist artists working today. What’s more, his repertory comprises sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, objets d’art, and even online-gaming art! His Magical Realist style draws on the historic Comédie Française, Commedia dell’arte of Italy, and the English Harlequinade – classic entertaining troupes of Old Europe, whose imagery even Picasso adopted in his Blue and Pink periods. The Carnevale of Venice also figures into Bruvel’s iconography and characterizations, while his stylizations extend into neo-Renaissance, neo-Classic, Fantastical, surrealist, science fiction, and New-Age visionary art.

Bruvel’s luminous, meticulously detailed paintings demonstrate nuances from this fascinating and informed mélange of sources that reflect Bruvel’s training and studies in art and art history from an early age. But where his thoroughly hybridized landscapes and visions come from can often be enigmatic and just as mysterious as the finished works themselves.

Bruvel was born in Sydney, Australia in 1959 to French parents.  When he was four years old, the family moved back to France. Gil’s avid appetite for art led his parents to enroll him in a prestigious restoration workshop when he was 14. Due to his young age, instructor Laurent de Montcassin put him on a probationary period of six months, during which difficult assignments were piled on the young artist in an effort to discourage him. This only served to pique Gil’s interest and motivate him more. As a full-fledged student at the workshop, Gil mastered techniques dating back to the 1400s to restore masterpieces, such as a ceiling fresco in a 17th-century Renaissance chapel.* He also took college-level art and art-history courses. The hands-on restoration experience and his history studies gave the artist an appreciation and knowledge of different eras and cultures that continue to influence his artistic style to this day.

*(He has, more recently, been commissioned to do ceiling frescoes on a $15M mansion in Texas!)



2013     Chloe Gallery, Wimberley, TX

             Jan Kossen Contemporary, Art Basel Miami, FL

             Re-Art/Marcel Salome, Dreamscapes Exhibition, Viechtach, Germany

2011     Dolce Gallery, Telluride Film Festival, Telluride, CO

             Fantasmus Art, Hilleroed Bibliotek, Denmark

2010     St. George Cathedral, Perth, Australia

2008     Fantasmus, Copenhagen, Denmark

             “The Hotel Show,” Ex One/Metaltec Innovations, Dubai

             Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach, CA

             Sculpture in the Park, “23rd Annual Exhibition,” Loveland, CO

2007     Anchorage Museum of History & Fine Art, Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

             A History of Transportation in America, AK

             De Gouden Phoenix, Venus & the Female Intuition, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

             Princesse de Kiev, Venus & the Female Intuition, Nice, France

1976     Musée des Baux-de-Provence, France, solo show



2010     ‘Public Prize,’ “St. George & the Dragon,” International Juried Sculpture Competition,

             St. George’s Cathedral, Perth, Australia

2009     ‘Honorable Mention,’ “George’s Horse,” stainless steel & bronze sculpture,

             Gateway to the Imagination, Nationally Juried Competition, Farmington Museum, NM

2008     ‘Best in Show,’ “The Oracle,” mixed-media sculpture,

             Gateway to the Imagination, Farmington Museum, NM

             ‘First Place,’ “Chess Set, The Natural-vs-Mechanical Worlds,” mixed-Media,

             objet d’art sculpture, Visual Arts Alliance, Houston, TX

2007     ‘Honorable Mentions,’ “The Builder,” stainless steel and bronze; “Dream of Earth,”

             bronze sculptures, Gateway to the Imagination, Farmington Museum, NM

2006     ‘First Place,’ “Balance, The Passage” and “Dream of Water,” bronze sculptures,

             Visual Arts Alliance, Houston, TX

2006     ‘Best in Show,’ “The Passage,” bronze sculpture, Gateway to the Imagination, Farmington Museum, NM

             ‘Award of Excellence,’ “Balance,” New Jersey Equine Artists’ Association, Bedminster, NJ

1987     ‘Bronze Medal,’ Palais des Congrès, Paris, France



2013     Dreamscapes V: Contemporary Imaginary Realism, anthology

2011     Spectrum 18: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Underwood Books, anthology

             IMAGINAIRE IV: Contemporary Magic Realism, Fantasmus Art, Denmark, anthology

2010     Spectrum 17: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Underwood Books, Nevada City, CA, anthology

             IMAGINAIRE III: Contemporary Magic Realism, anthology

             IMAGINAIRE II: Magic Realism 2010, Edition Brusen, Fantasmus Art, anthology

2008     IMAGINAIRE: Magic Realism, Claus Brusen, anthology

2007     Dreamscape 2: The Best of Imaginary Realism, Salbru Publishing, Wimberley, TX

2006     Dreamscape: The Best of Imaginary Realism, Salbru Publishing

2001     Timeless Travelers, Portraiture by Gil Bruvel, Wimberley

1994     Reality of a Dreamer, Volume II, Eastern Printing Co, Bangkok, Thailand

1992     Reality of a Dreamer, Dai Nippon Printing, Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan



1999     Domestic housing design – works of art, fixtures, installations: ceiling painting, paintings

             and sculptures, stonework, columns, stained-glass windows, doors, door handles, bas-relief,

             flooring, newel post, handrails, etc., Houston, TX