Mark Gaskin

(b. 1956, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Mark Gaskin is a post-Modern painter who blends the effects of ancient fresco and mural art with contemporary subject matter. His fascinating technique – in which his painting surfaces are purposefully distressed – conjures the textures of prehistoric cave painting, ancient Roman painting, and Renaissance fresco painting. Gaskin deploys a number of methods and materials to achieve his surfaces, among them rolling up canvases prepared with gesso that’s dried to create craquelure. He then mixes his paints with wax to soften bright pigments – a technique known as encaustic. His subtle, appealing palette of waxen pastel colors and his contemporary subject matter then ‘fades’ into what one could call ‘faux-ancient’ painting grounds to mimic the effect of dreamscapes or misty places in the mind’s eye. The soft, cloud-like aura of his works is gentle to view, as if softened by the fog of time and indelible memory. He captivates us with today’s imagery, while alluding to the great, classic art of the past – Gaskin, thereby original in his message and method.

The work of Mark Gaskin is welcome proof, if any were needed, that painting is and remains a major form of art in the waning days of the twentieth century. - Leo Rosshandler, I.A.A.C. Curator Emeritus, Musee des Beaux Arts, Montreal, March 1997

Selected Exhibitions

Chloe Gallery, Art and Winemakers’ Dinner Exhibition, Freedom of Artistic Thought, San Francisco, CA
Chloe Gallery, Art and Winemakers’ Dinner Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
Chloe Gallery, Art and Winemakers’ Dinner Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Art Palm Beach, Florida
Art Brussels, Belgium
Art Miami,, Florida
Art Fair, Palm Beach, Florida
Art Fair, Pal, Beach, Florida
Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Alexander Douglas Gallery, Singapore
Trésors, Singapore
Art Fair, Seattle, Washington
Roberge Gallery, Palm Desert, California
Art Miami, Florida
Waddington-Gorce Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Diane Ferris Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Vigari Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Patrick Doheney Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Gallery 56, Vancouver, Canada
Atropolis, Vancouver, Canada
Pitt International Galleries, Vancouver, Canada
Lineart, Ghent, Belgium

Selected Collections

Heenan-Blaikie Law Firm, Montreal
Ruth O’Hara Gallery, NYC, New York
Scotia McLeod, Investment Bank, West Vancouver, Canada
Phedias Art Group, Calgary, Canada
Linmann Investments, Vancouver, Canada
Triology Development, Vancouver, Canada
Mirage Marketing, Seattle, Washington
Mercer Capital, Vancouver, Canada
Clearly Canadian Beverages, Ontario, Canada
Dundee Bancorp, Toronto, Canada
Inside Out Interiors, Washington, D.C.
QLT Photo, Marlboro, New Jersey
Starcan Corporation, Toronto, Canada
Greenline Productions, Boston, Massachusetts
Northern Exposure Talent Management Group, Ltd., Vancouver & Los Angeles, CA
Talent Management Magazine
Napatree Design
Harvard Innovation Lab, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Corpsport, Chantilly, VA
Gestion Phila, Inc., Montreal
J.M. Telleria & Assoc., Miami Beach, FL