Upcoming and Current Exhibitions
Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women
Opening: 3/1/2018
Closing: 3/31/2018

In appreciation of the many vital roles of women in art history - from artist and muse to critic and collector -we celebrate our many female artists from emerging to museum-credentialed. At all the many points in theirlives and careers, from deceased early 20th century Modernist Anna Walinska, to emerging painter IsabelEmrich, to Chloe Gallery’s own Founder-Artist Amy Nelder, Chloe Gallery honors the great creations of ourfemale painters and sculptors. Whether with a mural that uplifts a community, a painting that uplifts a family, or a sculpture that heals a loss, our artists have changed the world.

Lisa Borgiani ●  Paige Bradley  Renée DeCarlo ● Isabel Emrich ● Carrie Graber ● Cheryl Kline Cristen Miller ● Amy Nelder ● Jennifer Vranes   Rosina Rubin, representing Anna Walinska ● Rosana Sitcha

A portion of proceeds from the March 2017 "Women in Art" Exhibition will benefit Edgewood Center for Children and Families.

Past Exhibitions
Artist as Translator
Opening: 6/10/2017
Closing: 7/10/2017

Here we explore the artist as translator, or perhaps another way to put it is, artist as interpreter. Aldo says that “central to all of his paintings is the balance between memory and hope, sorrow and humor, freedom and control”. In her statement, Reneé also discusses freedom and control, “My point of departure, is usually somewhere in a state of chaos - where I leave the environment or a situation in charge of the direction to which the marks are made. It is then up to me to find or create a sense of order…” Both artists reach a different pictorial conclusion while exploring similar issues.  

The Body in Motion
Opening: 4/8/2017
Closing: 4/30/2017

We are happy and proud to bring you our newest Exhibition, The Body in Motion, from Isabel Emrich and Paige Bradley in the gallery now. The concept was developed by Amy Nelder to investigate how artists attempt to convey a sense of movement in both 2D and 3D - both Isabel and Paige responded with tremendous work that speaks volumes to the theme of the exhibition.

On Being with Art, Winter 2017 Art & Winemakers' Dinner [AW170121]
Opening: 1/21/2017
Closing: 1/31/2017

ART IS AN OPPORTUNITY to celebrate, energize, heal and simply “be”.  Both making art and viewing art can be a pathway to a centering sense of joy in the present, contributing to better health, higher energy levels, and more focus in our personal and work relationships.  Chloe Gallery wants to celebrate and investigate where mindfulness may fit into the artistic process.  It is exciting to think we can expand our own enjoyment of art through a conscious attentiveness, discovering new ways to bring that sense of joy, love and mystery from the art we love even further into our personal space – even leading to better overall physical health.

Carrie Graber / Mark Gaskin / Paige Bradley / James Scoppettone

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(please call for artwork availability)

Banquet With The Artist: Horizon Lines
Opening: 4/2/2016
Closing: 5/1/2016

A Line is a dot that went for a walk – Paul Klee

What makes an image: lines, shapes, color, texture, value, space, form/volume/mass.

Centuries of art critique, review, theory and application have centered on these seven elements of art. With this Chloe Gallery show; Horizon Lines, we focus on only one: the Line. To do that we invited two internationally celebrated artists: James C. Leonard and Doug Smith. Both exhibit a line that is essential to what they are trying to deliver the viewer.

We brought both artists together because a line of history connects them as well. Doug Smith is directly influenced by the Bay Area Figurative Movement. Many of the artists who developed this movement, including Richard Diebenkorn, were champions of, and practiced, Abstract Expressionism. Hence, with this exhibit of new work from both artists, you can visit two important American art movements through the eyes of these significant American painters.

Innovation and Ideation
Opening: 10/24/2015
Closing: 11/7/2015

Summer 2015 Art And Winemaker's Dinner
Opening: 8/22/2015
Closing: 9/30/2015

Welcome to our 6th annual Summer Art and Winemaker’s Dinner Exhibition.

We are pleased to round out our year with you in the company of our featured artists Carrie Graber, Aldo Luongo, Mark Gaskin and Amy Nelder, and accompanied by winemakers PJ & Robert Rex, their fabulous Deerfield Ranch Wines, and another feast from Chef Pelle Nilsson.

With this showing we bring you world-class figurative and still-life painting highly influenced by the culture of each artist. Feel the colors and heat of the California desert in Carrie Graber’s paintings; the soulful and passionate Argentinian romanticism of Aldo Luongo; the expressive nature of the bucolic paintings, reminiscent of Renaissance frescoes, of Mark Gaskin; or the vibration of urban chic acrylics drawn with the expertise of an Old Master from Amy Nelder.

We present you with four very important North American artists whose artwork graces the walls of museum, corporate and private collections world-wide. Embrace and enjoy this evening’s exquisite pairing of a few delicious bites, world-class wines and these significant contemporary expressions.


Kindest regards,




Greg Lejnieks, President/Founder


Summer 2015 Art and Winemaker's Dinner
Opening: 8/22/2015
Closing: 9/22/2015