Tom Judd

Reimagined, 2023
oil on canvas and panel
40 x 32 x 1.25 in

Having grown up on the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain range and skiing on the steep slopes of Alta, Utah, Tom Judd’s ski jumpers speak of a different time and place. They are not the sleek and spandex-clad figures that one usually sees today, nor do they seem to be particularly interested in grabbing attention for themselves.

We are not sure where these folks are coming from or where they are going? They blissfully exist in their own imagined reality, as if they are wandering in the vortex of time itself, a sort of existential departure from the proverbial trail.

The mountains gleam like inspiring Calendar art, they welcome us to this dreamy landscape, where we find these figures that fly through the air. As with much of Judd’s work, the paintings are humorous, yet have a sense of tension pulling us in different directions. We are not sure what we are looking at, or maybe laughing at? Judd thinks this is just reflecting the inherent surrealistic occurring of our everyday lives. He refers to it as “The illusion of order and reason.”

Tom Judd has exhibited his work in distinguished commercial galleries and Museums across the country. He is in major collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of Art, and the Birmingham Museum of Art.