Robert Bissell

Window, 2019
oil on canvas
42 x 40 in (106.68 x 101.60 cm)
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Window This minimalist landscape seems fairly straightforward as we first see it but as we try to come to terms with the view complications arise. We are being asked to question our sense of balance and space. When we look out to the ocean horizon we expect a level line on the horizon but instead it is slanted. The artist has further confused the ocean horizon with another almost straight line where the clouds end. There is no clear horizontal line and we are left with a slender wedge (or window) to the distant sunset which exists behind both cloud and ocean. At the bottom of the canvas a third diagonal where the beach meets the water throws us back as it drags our eye and our balance in the opposite direction creating a zig-zag of tension. The resulting contradiction is that of viewing a serene scene but with a sense of disorientation.
Window by Robert Bissell

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