Janell James


Janell James
JANELL JAMES (American) Born and raised in Utah, I was always a free spirit allowed to roam the open fields near my home. Graced with the peaceful sounds of the Willow Creek running through my backyard I was surrounded by old growth trees that towered above me. I could spend hours outside playing in the dirt or lying on my back listening to the birds and looking up at the clouds through these trees. I have always loved the Bay Area in California and so, I headed West to attend a two year intensive program at The Bay Area Classical Artists' Atelier. Completing my Classical training at an Atelier in Paris, I returned home to continue my studies in Helper, Utah. I continue to look for new ways of creating and expressing myself that have not yet been explored, marking my way individualistically as an artist. James’ work is collected nationally and internationally and she is represented in five galleries in the western U.S. Recent museum exhibitions include Desire Lines at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, a 10 year retrospective at The Woodbury Art Museum, The Springville Museum of Art and the C.M. Russell Museum. EDUCATION 2006-08 Bay Area Classical Artists Atelier, Belmont, CA 2006 Studio Escalier, Paris, France 2006-14 Helper Art School, Helper, UT 1998 Bachelor of Science, Parks Recreation & Tourism, Hospitality Emphasis, University of Utah SELECT SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 Featured Artist, Trove Gallery, Park City, UT, February 23 - March 9 2017 Punctuating The Blue, Terakedis Fine Art, Billings MT, September 21 - October 21Featured Artist, RARE Gallery Fine Art, Jackson Hole, WY 2016 All About Trees with Heart & Soul, Green Loft Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT 2015 Immersed in Nature, Salt Lake City, UT 2015 Featured Artist, Landscape Exhibition, The Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ 2014 Featured Artist, Huntsman Cancer Foundation Gala, Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT 2013 In The Presence of Trees, Coda Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT 2012 Fundraiser Benefiting Hurricane Sandy, By Invitation Only, Sponsored by NuSkin, SLC, UT 2011 Evolutionary Healthcare Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT 2010 Evolutionary Healthcare Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT 2009 Grand Opening Exhibition, Garage Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT GROUP EXHIBITIONS AND ART FAIRS 2019 Out West Art Show and Sale, Great Falls, MT, March 20 - 23 2018 Square One: Helper Artists of Utah, Finch Lane, Salt Lake City, UT, January 12 - February 23 2017 Contemporary Voices, Bella Muse Gallery, Ogden, UT 2016 19th Annual Zion’s Bank Art Show Invitational, Salt Lake City, UT 2015 Small Group Exhibition, 15th Street Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT 2014 Jackson Hole Art Festival, RARE Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson Hole, WY 2013 Presidents Art Show, Salt Lake Community Collage, Salt Lake City, UT 2012 Holiday Group Exhibition, A Gallery, Salt Lake City, UTGroup Exhibition, Untitled Gallery, Helper, UT 2011 Holiday Group Exhibition, A Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT SELECT PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS The Regent, Salt Lake City, UT Nordstrom Collection, Salt Lake City, UT Huntsman Cancer Foundation Collection, Salt Lake City, UT Scott Anderson, President/CEO, Zion’s Bank The Dolby Family Jim and Lyn Hinckley Sandie Tillotson, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Nu Skin Enterprises Susan Sheehan, President & Chief Operating Officer, Huntsman Cancer Institute Dr. Laura Nelson, Energy Advisor, Governor's Office of Energy Development Richard Walje, President & CEO, Gateway Projects at PacifiCorp Andrea Packard, Vice President of Communications and Customer Focus, Utah Transit Authority Vasilios Priskos, Principal Broker/Founder, InterNet Properties, Inc. Jennifer Johnson, Federal Probation Officer, U.S. District Court John Netto, Chief Executive Officer, K-nowbe Engineering Peter Stirba, Stirba, P.C. Shauna Bamberger Priskos Valter Nassi, Owner, Valter’s Osteria ARTIST STATEMENT “My paintings are an investigation of the intersection of traditional landscape imagery and modern ideas about painting and color. In my practice, I attempt to reconcile my personal history as an art-maker, as well as the tradition of landscape painting, with a contemporary art practice that borrows more specifically from a language of Modernism—specifically in regards to mid-century conversations about painting. Incidentally, both genres at work in my practice (abstraction and landscape) have a tradition of exploring ideas about the Sublime—Romantic and Modern—respectively. While my subject matter draws heavily from landscape, my process and true exploration is about painting in a Modern sense. My brush strokes become objects that hold their own presence. The colors and layering I use both create the illusion of space and undermine it in the proverbial push-pull of abstract painting. The interplay between light and shadows cast upon the many layers adds to the sculptural interpretation while also creating ‘living’ paintings that appear kinetic, interacting with the natural environment. The purpose of the layering of a transparent painting surface is to raise the stakes; the points of depth are deeper and the points of flatness are flatter. The increased depth and complication of flipping the surface back and forth and layering it multiple times is a demonstration of the mastery of the material as well as a device to push the boundaries of the flatness/depth dichotomy in every painting. My paintings are at once paintings and sculptures and they are at once landscapes and quite the opposite of that—something acrylic and manufactured that is more reflective of contemporary culture. “ - Janell James