Rosana Sitcha


Rosana Sitcha
ROSANA SITCHA (b. 1981, Spain) Rosana Sitcha was in born in Cartagena (south-east of Spain), on 8th January 1981. She was awarded a Fine Arts degree by San Carlos Faculty at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2005. She is specialised in drawing and painting and has completed training courses with prestigious painters such as Antonio López, Eloy Morales and Cristobal Gabarrón. She has worked as a painter since she finished her degree, focusing her work on urban landscape and female portraits, both represented from a very personal perspective. Her work has been exhibited in numerous art galleries of Spain, and she has been featured in several individual exhibitions in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Oviedo, Murcia and Cartagena. She has also participated in more than 100 collective exhibitions, including selections, awards and national and international fairs. Since 2005 she has been awarded several national and international prizes. Furthermore, some of her pieces of work are in different collections that belong to city councils, county councils and museums. Solo Exhibitions 2015 Reflexiones, Museo de Siyâsa. Cieza. Planos de realidad Galería de arte Salduba. Zaragoza. 2014 Trenseúntes urbanos, Galería de arte Movart. Madrid. 2013 Silencios de la urbe. Galería Cervantes 6. Oviedo. Instantes efímeros, Galería MAES. Madrid. 2012 Miradas de identidad y consciencia, Museo de San Javier. Murcia. Espejos líquidos, Galería de Arte Mar. Barcelona. Cuaderno de viaje, Galería de Arte Salduba. Zaragoza. 2011 Volátiles, Casa Pintada de Mula. Fundación Gabarrón. 2011-2012. A pie de calle, Las Rejas. Cartagena. 2010 Vida urbana, Galería M2011 Volátiles, Casa Pintada de Mula. Fundación Gabarrón. 2011-2012. A pie de calle. Las Rejas. Cartagena. AES. Madrid. 2009 Anónimos de Ciudad, Casas Consistoriales de Mazarrón. Mazarrón. Nómadas, Galería Babel. Murcia. 2007 Urbanitas, Semana Grande de Caja Murcia. Sala de exposiciones Gregorio García Sánchez. Torre Pacheco. Murcia. Museum & Selected Private Collections Delegation of Alicante Government of Cantabria City of Fuente Alamo. Murcia. Cajamurcia Collection Town Hall of Busot, Alicante. Town Hall of Torrevieja. Polytechnic College of Cartagena. Fuente Alamo Museum Galileo Galilei Collection Collection of prints in “Under the Levante Sun” “La Colmena” Cultural Association of Women Air Force Town Hall of Benidorm Town Hall of Molina de Segura Town Hall of Cieza Awards 2015 First place in the “XII International Painting Competition Toledo Puche”. Cieza, Murcia. First place in the “XVI Painting Competition on March 8”. Molina de Segura, Murcia. First place in the “XXVI Competition for New Painting and Sculpture Artists in Benidorm”. 2014 Honourable mention in the “XI International Painting Competition Toledo Puche”. Cieza. Distinction in the “XXI Edition of the No Marrazo Art Biennial”. Pontevedra. First place in painting. Air Force Awards. Madrid. First place in the La Colmena Painting Contest. Asturias. Fourth place in the XXXIII Contest “The Woman in the Painting” of Corte Inglés. 2013 Second place in the XXXIII Contest “The Woman in the Painting” of Corte Inglés. 2009 First place in the poster competition for Moors and Christians of Busot. Second place in the XXIX Contest “The Woman in the Painting” of Corte Inglés. 2008 Second place in the XXVIII Contest “The Woman in the Painting” of Corte Inglés. 2007 Acquisition Prize in the Call for Plastic Arts 2007 Council of Alicante. Acquisition Prize in the Arts Award for Government of Cantabria. Special Prize in Urban Landscape. National Contest of Painting Outdoors, “Landscapes of Mazarrón”. 2006 Third place in the XXIII National Painting Contest Villa de Fuente Alamo. "Nicomedes Gomez" Drawing Prize 2006. Polytechnic University of Cartagena. (Second prize).,h_400,c_fill/nofbbxcdu0v057oc1a6m.jpg