Paige Bradley

Affirmation (Third Life) w/ electricity, The Metamorphosis (2/25), 2019
bronze sculpture with electricity
21 x 25 x 12 in
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We are finally seeing a time when men and women are less likely to objectify each other. A large group of humans are evolving to the realization that there is little progress when we don't appreciate each other as fellow humans. We all have our talents and gifts so we need to let them shine forth without shyness, shame or apology. It matters not if she is made up of larger curves than her athletic sisters. Maybe her heart is bigger than her pocket book. Maybe her mind is sharper than her situation. In all cases we need to stand proud in AFFIRMATION that we are being the best humans we can be to ourselves and each other. As a counterpart to my Illumination sculpture, she is open and honest, vulnerable yet powerful. Timeless but exactly for our time. Paige Bradley