Gil Bruvel

Apex (Pedestal) (0/35)
stainless steel
27 x 7 x 21 in
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Swiftness. Power. Beauty. For millennia in human history the horse was the pinnacle of all of these, its muscular grace a literal and metaphoric emblem of movement—across geographic space and forward through the accomplishments of humankind. In North America the horse carried masterful Native riders over the Plains; Spanish conquistadors from the south; settlers and cattlemen from the east; and contained within its iconic form all the dreams and much of the means for a legend-filled history of Westward flow. We reached the continent’s westernmost shores. The Iron Horse—and still-faster modes of locomotion—replaced its namesake in speed. But the consuming dream continues, its current-day versions still marked by a love of freedom, fleetness, and power. In Bruvel’s Apex, we are reminded that forward movement can also propel us upward, its compelling potency still calling forth the highest in us.