Amy Nelder

Bunnies and Guns #10, 2024
acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 in
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For the past decade that I’ve been visualizing this series, I've had a very hard time wrapping my mind around the continued and senseless school shootings afflicting our innocent children, their families, and those who simply want to teach them. I can hardly verbalize my feelings on my/our ability to do much about this problem that seems, at times, so hopeless. But I do want to say something, in the hopes that my “Bunnies and Guns” series might contribute something, at least, towards the dialogue that leads to ending this nightmare. I’ve been struggling to write all my thoughts succinctly into a statement about this new series. I have a hard time putting all my sad and angry words about what I’m painting into a sort of contraction: but that’s why it’s a painting. This series features soft, sweet bunnies, cheery gumballs, festive party favors, and, unfortunately, guns - but one of these things is not like the others. It’s always hard knowing some people will have the exact opposite interpretation of what I’m discussing, but that’s what communication, and often, making art, is all about, right? -
Amy Nelder