Gil Bruvel

Checkmate (Chess Set) (0/30)
mixed media
10.50 x 37.50 x 37.50 in
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A Guide to a Functional Artwork.
This chess set created by Gil Bruvel is a work of Functional Art.
Even so, this artwork is meant to be enjoyed as a game. The pieces have purpose. The squares are a battlefield. With each game, the pieces will slowly obtain a natural patina on the metal. The lucite that covers the squares can easily be replaced with glass if you prefer. The board will be subjected to bumps and dings. Do not fret, for this artwork was meant to sustain such damages. This will not diminish the value of the artwork. Like any other board game, the chess set comes to life when it is in action.
I invite you to enjoy this artwork to its fullest potential.

Playing pieces 
stainless steel and bronze
range from 4" to 7" in height
10.96 cm to 17.78 cm in height

Chess board 
wood and resin
37.5" length x 37.5" width x 3.25 " deep
95.25 cm length x 95.25 cm width x 8.255 cm deep