Paige Bradley

Courage (0/50), 2021
bronze sculpture
21 x 15 x 9 in
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If we use our hearts to connect with others, we can rise our community to a higher level.
If we have compassion to the earth and to nature and all that connects us, we might be granted the gift of a longer human presence here on Earth.
If we could set aside our differences and admire the beauty in all things, we will become peaceful.
If we could walk forward with no expectation of what is ours or what we deserve, then we will be grateful for everything.
If this land of the free belongs to everyone, then perhaps the price is to courageously love all people.
If this is the land of the brave, then perhaps we should be more brave and accept change.
If I continue to look backwards, I will never move forward.
We will stand for what we know is right, but with a soft heart of love and acceptance. This is real courage.