Gil Bruvel

Flowing (0/20)
stainless steel
20 x 17 x 29 in
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Here’s the thing: We’re in this breathtakingly unpredictable, beautiful, sometimes overwhelming life together, yet we can also each be lost in our own private worlds of pensiveness and awe. We’re both of these things—embraced within the shared experience flowing through and around us, and also staring off at a vision no one else can see. Lips ever-so-slightly parted in childlike, unselfconscious wonderment, edged perhaps by a trace of fear, we take in the world. Yet the back of the sculpture may offer a kind of cross-sectional glimpse into deeper aspects of ourselves that give us the capacity to choose wonder over fear. The masculine nature is rooted, linear, and strong. The feminine expression is fluid and resilient in its upward, gracefully sinuous flow. Yet they meet at the top and merge like gently interlacing waves—both sides essential to the human whole.

Stainless steel
20" tall x 29" wide x 17" deep
50.8 cm tall x 73.66 cm wide x 43.18 cm deep
Weight: 122 lbs
In an edition of 20