Gil Bruvel

George's Horse (10/35)
stainless steel
20 x 10 x 33 in
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Also available as 28"H x 16"D x 48"W stainless steel casting, in an edition of 10.

When Bruvel was working on the design for a monumental sculpture of Saint George slaying the dragon a few years back, it was as if he suddenly envisioned the very currents of animating energy streaming through the body of the horse. Gone was the solidity of muscular flank and neck and thighs; instead the artist saw the equine form as coursing rivers of vital dynamism, a force propelling not only its powerful motion but also infusing it with a conquering determination seemingly guided by a higher source. With this vision, Bruvel’s creative impulse began instinctively and inexorably to follow the movement of these “ribbons of energy,” as he has come to think of them. It was a pivotal point in his long and continuously evolving artistic career, the beginning of the series known as Flow. In George’s Horse, we see the moment when an artist’s inner eye and masterful hand are synchronized. Just as the saint’s otherworldly steed embodies the freedom to triumph over obstacles, whether posed from within our without, the sculpture exemplifies the artistic freedom to see, follow, and reveal the essential, dynamic flow of life, beyond the reach of the outer eye.