Paige Bradley

Irresistible Spring, The Seasons (0/12)
bronze sculpture
27 x 20 x 20 in
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I picture this piece large, like Logan Fountain (Philadelphia) or Trafalgar Square (London). I dream of creating a work that helps add to the life of a community: A place where children play in pools where verdegre bronze goddesses bathe forever; A sanctuary where teenagers can climb the bronzes to see fresh perspectives on their lives; An iconic place where multitudes of tourists photograph themselves in order to show their family back home; A secret spot for lovers to meet, stealing a kiss in the shadows of the over-life-size figures. This is the secret immortality of a sculptor. Feeling a community participate with a work in such a way, is the ultimate gift for the creation process. One of my greatest epiphanies as a sculptor is that I need to create Art on a larger scale so that I can feel the public's joyful interactions, eternally. Paige Bradley