Gil Bruvel

Rain (4/20)
stainless steel
20 x 14 x 17 in
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Also available in a monumental 3', 6', and 9' casting.
Rain expresses immersion, the idea of being fully present in the moment. In it, a figure fully immerses him or herself in the immediacy of rain failing and the relief and peace this deep connection to the natural world provides. Behind the facade, a tree provides further evidence of this “naturalistic connection,” evoking duality and balance, interiority and external nature—all the things that are simultaneously present once we drop thinking and feeling to simply let ourselves be. At its core, Rain expresses the regaining of who we really are. The flowing ribbons on the face suggest the spontaneous way water flows, leading to a meditative moment in which the figure simply “lets it happen.” In this way, the sculpture evokes a deep vision of the potential ecstasy of life: Experience and fulfillment are grounded in acceptance of human frailty and the delicate, but very real, equilibrium that makes up life. The moment is ephemeral, but it also complete.