James Scoppettone

Sunrise, Winter Road, 2022
oil on canvas
24 x 36 in
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Once again Scoppettone manages to give the viewer the challenge of reconciling the warmest sunny glow, integrated with icy landscape.
Looking down the road from the foreground towards the center of the canvas, the viewer feels a chill just looking at the frosty shadows in cool blue and light violet. The sunny color palette of the sky invites the eye to instantly perceive sunlight filtering through the snowy brushwork of the tree branches. Therefore, it is recommended to revisit this section up close, in the best case while using a large magnifying glass to reveal the layers of color within the snow. On the horizon where the road fades off into the misty distance, it’s worth studying the contrasting cool blue and rosy apricot color combination up close.
As colors, they are the balance on the entire palette here, that is everything from orange creamsicle, to black licorice, to blueberry pie a la mode. Sunrise, Winter Road offers structure, and appreciation of an elusive subject, the sunlight, that is always only abstract and ever in a state of change.