Paige Bradley

Vertigo (Bronze), Arrangement of Ten (0/25)
bronze sculpture
8 x 8 x 8 in
Please Contact for Pricing
Five different figures, variable sizes, arranged in a gathering of 10. Custom installation required. Also available as individual figures.

A sense of vertigo comes over me as I grow closer to my dreams. As I reach a particular height, I look back and give thanks for my faith, risk and dedication. In partial disbelief, I hesitate to call any of it my own. It is unbearably sweet; yet as I stand here, I cannot bear to fall. The anxiety fills me and I almost yearn to be at the bottom; climbing skyward again; ignorant of the joys ahead. Now that I find myself gloriously happy, I fear I may become dizzy and fall. As long as the vertigo consumes me, I am contained by it. To let go and allow life to happen - to fall freely - is pure liberation.