Chloe Lejnieks

CHLOE LEJNIEKS (b. 2009, American) 

12-year old emerging artist Chloe Lejnieks is the “CL” in the signature “ANCL” she shares on the paintings in the series “That’s NOT My Name” with her painter mother, Amy Nelder. Chloe is an artist of many interests - besides painting in her studio, she enjoys drums, hip hop dance, ballet, baking, cooking, rock climbing and many other types of art. 

Through the “That’s NOT My Name” series, Chloe has been introduced to the methods of the palette knife as well as gold leaf application. When asked about the red underpainting she left revealed on Wonder Woman’s 24K gold leaf halo on the most recent work, Chloe says, “Now she has been to battle, and her halo is getting cracked, and it’s even more beautiful - now she knows she doesn’t have to be perfect and pretty all the time.” 

Chloe works on abstract as well as figurative painting, and also “in my own time” makes wonderful imaginative sculptures for her family to place in their home. The young artist prides herself in developing her own processes of alternating “very strong but also slow, quick motions on the canvas.” In her abstracts, she is working on what she calls “the paper towel method”, much like palette knife work but often with quick physicality and the creation of semi spiky textures. In her figurative work, she works with very slow motions. 

The artist’s parents, Amy Nelder and Greg Lejnieks, are extremely proud not only of her artwork, but also the spirit, power and boundless energy with which she endlessly trusts, ventures, and creates. 



2014-19  Various classes, Walt Disney Family Museum Art Education including “The Heroine’s Journey”, “2D Animation” and other workshops Ongoing Presidio Hill School, San Francisco, CA 


Group Exhibitions

2021  Blue Line Arts, Wild Dreams of a New Beginning, Roseville, CA

2021   Chloe Gallery, Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women, San Francisco, CA

2021   Chloe Gallery, The SUGAR Show, San Francisco, CA

2021 Center for the Arts Evergreen, The LOVE Show (Juried exhibition), Evergreen, CO

2021   Chloe Gallery, The Summer Show 2021, Kenwood, Sonoma, CA

2020 "The World of Tomorrow", Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA

2019  Women in Art 2019: GREAT Artists who Happen to be Women, Chloe Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

2018  Women in Art 2018: GREAT Artists Who just Happen to be Women, Chloe Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

2018  Summer Art & Winemakers’ Dinner Exhibition, Chloe Gallery, San Francisco, CA 


Art Fairs

2019  Art Market San Francisco, Chloe Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

2018  Texas Contemporary, Chloe Gallery, Houston, TX 

2018  Art Market San Francisco, Chloe Gallery, San Francisco, CA 


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