Banquet With The Artist: Horizon Lines

A Line is a dot that went for a walk – Paul Klee

What makes an image: lines, shapes, color, texture, value, space, form/volume/mass.

Centuries of art critique, review, theory and application have centered on these seven elements of art. With this Chloe Gallery show; Horizon Lines, we focus on only one: the Line. To do that we invited two internationally celebrated artists: James C. Leonard and Doug Smith. Both exhibit a line that is essential to what they are trying to deliver the viewer.

We brought both artists together because a line of history connects them as well. Doug Smith is directly influenced by the Bay Area Figurative Movement. Many of the artists who developed this movement, including Richard Diebenkorn, were champions of, and practiced, Abstract Expressionism. Hence, with this exhibit of new work from both artists, you can visit two important American art movements through the eyes of these significant American painters.