Winter 2019 Art & Winemakers' Dinner Exhibition: Diversity of Ideation

Our Winter 2019 Art & Winemakers' Dinner Exhibition featuring Paige Bradley, Joe Coffey, Carrie Graber and Cheryl Kline. With this show, we continue into our 9th year of providing our clients and artists with an Art & Winemakers’ pairing experience - to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our artists, and to bring new work to our collectors. With each exhibit, we have explored something unique to the artists we have invited for the group show. Tonight, we explore the Diversity of Ideation as it relates specifically to the art each painter and sculptor is offering you tonight. We asked them to discuss what range of different things keeps them interested, and thus, influences each piece. For example, why does Bradley have diverse themes, e.g., fragments, metamorphosis, liberations; how do the vast post-modern architectural ideas in the Palm Springs area influence Graber; why does Coffey toggle between the animal and human figure, or how does the intense array of atmospheric conditions affect Kline’s choices? On the surface the answers may seem apparent, but each of these world-class artists, who have dedicated a lifetime of turning observation and feeling into something tangible for us, have a vast and diverse range of education, experience and making that will craft each of their entertaining and enlightened answers.

One delightful note to end on…this may be our last Art & Winemakers’ Dinner opening in this space. On July 1, 2019, we will close this space and open our new downtown, Union Square gallery at 434 Post, right across the street from the Westin St. Francis Hotel. We are thrilled to have secured a 2,600 sq. ft. ground-floor gallery space that will host at least another ten years of future Art & Winemakers’ events! To all the artists, clients, chefs, wineries and vendors who have helped us produce these extraordinary soirées we say thank you and we look forward to seeing you downtown.

With much appreciation,
Greg Lejnieks and Amy Nelder