Winter 2020 Art & Winemakers' Dinner Exhibition

With this Winter Art & Winemakers' Dinner Opening exhibition we begin our 11th season and our 1st full season in our new Union Square space! We could not be happier that our new year kicks off with Paige Bradley, Daniel Maltzman, Daniel Merriam, and Timothy Mulligan- four artists with distinct points of view born from significant periods of art history. 

Paige Bradley, affected by the tendencies of modern sculpture, but compelled by 21st century realities, has become internationally recognized for courageous images that speak about the truth of today's human condition . With this event we bring you new and rare pieces from her studio as well as celebrated favorites.

Daniel Maltzman mashes up genres to present hybrid pop-graffiti images that playfully examine image appropriation while remaining consistent with his background as an abstract painter and former clothing designer.

Daniel Merriam bring strong personal mythology that carries on the important and powerful influences of surrealism, as he, along with a handful of contemporaries, forge what has become known as magical realism (magic realism, marvelous realism, or fabulism)

Timothy Mulligan, a child of the Bar Area Figurative movement, brings us work influenced by the wondrous topography of the Bay Area. His work springs from personal a perspective that one might see from a French Impressionist who sits with a travel canvas to elevate an ordinary scene to high art.