Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women

In appreciation of the many vital roles of women in art history - from artist and muse to critic and collector -we celebrate our many female artists from emerging to museum-credentialed. At all the many points in theirlives and careers, from deceased early 20th century Modernist Anna Walinska, to emerging painter IsabelEmrich, to Chloe Gallery’s own Founder-Artist Amy Nelder, Chloe Gallery honors the great creations of ourfemale painters and sculptors. Whether with a mural that uplifts a community, a painting that uplifts a family, or a sculpture that heals a loss, our artists have changed the world.

Lisa Borgiani ●  Paige Bradley  Renée DeCarlo ● Isabel Emrich ● Carrie Graber ● Cheryl Kline Cristen Miller ● Amy Nelder ● Jennifer Vranes   Rosina Rubin, representing Anna Walinska ● Rosana Sitcha

A portion of proceeds from the March 2017 "Women in Art" Exhibition will benefit Edgewood Center for Children and Families.